Begone, Redirect of Old!

December 7, 2021
To my knowledge, this website is one of the few remaining bastions of Unerv history. At some point, it was set to redirect to a follow-up website; however, it no longer exists. Thus, the redirect has been removed, allowing you to navigate this site in all its "glory." Welcome, all thee who come across this echo of long-past time. May thee find some solace among the programming gubbins of a youngin'.

Other surviving resources:

This Site Has Been Updated

September 12, 2011
Just updated downloads, but only for old users, go to the new site ;)

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Unerv 1.5.0 TUI Now Available Unerv 1.5.0 TUI Now Available

March 23, 2010
The Next Release of Unerv TUI (1.5.0) is now available. It includes a completely redesigned Source Code structure, and includes some of the new features that were introduced in ┬Ánerv (MicroUnerv). Along with all of these new features 1.5.0 also includes all the updates from its predessor (1.4.9).


New Features:
  • usr -config and simplify -stop Commands/Features
  • Ramp. UEF (Still Not 100% Integrated)
  • WavPlayer, Play Wav Sounds Through Unerv
  • Olympia Pure 1....

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Unerv 1.4.9 Is Out!

March 4, 2010
The Final Release Of The Unerv "Z" Shell Is Available. You can download it from here:

New Features Include:
  • Olympia Pure, Compile And Run .OLM Script Files
  • Embedded X Shell, Run Unerv X Omega (freeware) Through Unerv "Z"
  • Title Bar Fixed, No More Annoying Titles
  • Reboot and Exit Glitches Fixed
  • GUI Panel Removed, To Buggy
  • General Application Updates
Remember, Before Installing Unerv 1.4.9 Delete (Un-Install) Any Previous Versions Of Uner...
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Unerv 1.4.7 Update

November 19, 2009
The Updated Alpha version of Unerv 1.4.7 is now online, it is available in the downloads section. Updates in Unerv 1.4.7 RC include:

Fixed Strange Unerv Editor Glitch
Updated Simplify
Included Unerv Shell 1.4 Runtime Utilities (Now Built-In)
Updated Olympia (Removed strange #include 4546 Glitch)
Added Scripting Functions
Added a GUI Panel to Simplify (Think CGS)

You can download it here.


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Unerv Web Browser Released

September 9, 2009
Today the Unerv Web Browser, dubbed UnWeb, was released. It is installed through a simple add-on package, and after installation, it is accessible through the Programs window.

UnWeb Download

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Unerv v1.5.0 GUI Beta Released

September 9, 2009
The Unerv v1.5.0 GUI Beta is now available for Download in the Downloads category! The Key new feature is GUnerv 1.5, a new revolutionary system. A bunch of the old bugs are fixed with this new release.

Unerv v1.5.0

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Unerv v1.5.0 GUI Beta Soon To Be Released

July 7, 2009
I have been working on Unerv v1.5.0 and have reached a point of somewhat stability. I hope to soon release a Beta version of Unerv v1.5.0 soon. Until then, here is a screen shot of the new release.
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See Us On Softpedia!

May 11, 2009
We have submitted Unerv to softpedia. You can see it here:

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New Website

May 10, 2009
Hello Unerv Users!

We have a new website online!!! It is located here:

This new site has a:
*message board
*contact us form

Please visit it and give it a chance!!!


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Welcome to Unerv Devlopment. Unerv is a Windows Sub-System, its like an OS that runs under Windows. It is made just for fun. Unerv has basic File Management, Scripting, and Themes. It even has its own executable format (tkn). For More information on Unerv Contact Us at:

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The Webmaster I am a developer and created Unerv in '04. This site is a site that contains all my Unerv products.


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